LAUNCH: new NHS privatisation map

Dr Smriti Tandon
Research Fellow

The EveryDoctor team have worked to put together this interactive map to expose just how many NHS services have *already* been outsourced to third party providers.

Today we launched our new interactive digital map, highlighting the extent of current privatised services within the NHS. A map like this has never existed before, and shows the private companies, charities and social enterprises running NHS services across England (so far). 

This is just the first phase; we’ve covered England first because privatisation has infiltrated so many NHS services. But we’re hoping to build it out with more information layers, and covering the whole of the UK. 

Did you know that 21% of NHS ophthalmology, trauma and orthopaedic patients are treated by independent sector providers? Or that an astounding 250,000 CT scans have been delivered by independent providers as part of a national NHS contract?1

This map is the next stage in our #ScrapNHSBill campaign. We are determined to build public awareness about the situation. Many MPs claim that NHS privatisation isn’t happening, for example stating “NHS services will always be free at the point of use”. This does not confront the whole truth of the situation; profit-making companies are being allowed to infiltrate and fragment the NHS, which affects long-term care relationships and impacts on staff and patients.

How to use our map:

Use the search bar in the top left corner to unveil privatised services in your local area. You can also search by provider names and services offered, under the “Tag” search bars.

Click the Overlay button in the top left corner to display information about your local constituency and find out how your MP voted most recently on the Health and Care Bill, currently making its way through Parliament. A Bill which will accelerate NHS privatisation. 

What’s next?

We hope to expand this map and include services in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. We want to add information on PFI debt that Trusts are facing. We want you to be involved, by adding your stories about how privatisation has affected you in your area. And we want to run local events to find those of you who share our concerns and want to join us building a movement to halt and reverse NHS privatisation.

To donate to our Crowdfunder and help us make this map even bigger and better, please click here.

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