Never Again: COVID from the frontline report launch

Hannah Dewhirst

Today we launched ‘Never Again’; our joint report with HCSA - the hospital doctors union, into the experiences of UK doctors during the pandemic, with a drop-in event in Westminster.

On Tuesday 7th June, we headed to Portcullis House alongside our partners on this project HCSA - the hospital doctors’ union, to share our new report with members of parliament. 

A sobering read; ‘Never Again: COVID from the frontlines’ spotlights the personal testimony of UK doctors, alongside an analysis of a variety of government, NGO and media sources, to reflect on the impact the virus had on our community. 

We welcomed dozens of members from both Houses and across the political spectrum over the course of the afternoon. We asked all who attended to pledge to support our three key recommendations; Listen to doctors during the Covid inquiry, Invest in NHS staff and solve the workforce crisis, and Improve health & safety for Covid and beyond - because we cannot forget, and we cannot let this happen again. And we’re pleased to share that the majoirty of them did.  

The report begins by highlighting the underlying problems the NHS faced before anyone had even heard of COVID-19, which contributed to the UK’s lack of preparedness. We examine the response from government and central health bodies over the course of 2020 and 2021, before raising the direct toll this had on doctors, and finishing with 15 recommendations to ensure that the events of the last two years are not repeated. Click here to download and read the report in full. 

This report should never have been written. So much that’s happened in the last two years should never have happened. But ignorance, and attempts to distract the public from what the pandemic has done (and is still doing) to our NHS cannot be allowed to succeed. 

That’s why it was so important for us not only to write this report, but to take it to parliament. Many politicians may want to think that the pandemic and the crisis it brought to the NHS is over. We know that this is far from the truth. COVID-19 irrevocably impacted the NHS and it left its mark on EveryDoctor too. We hope this report goes some way to doing that justice. NHS staff are still waiting to feel safe and supported in their workplaces. We will never rest on these issues. 

This report wouldn’t have been possible without the support and hard work of our partners HCSA - the hospital doctors’ union. Our thanks also go to Dr J D Williamson for the use of his photograph for our cover and the wonderful work of our designer Alice Haworth-Booth. Finally our greatest thanks are reserved for our members, all those who contributed to this report by sharing their testimony with us, and everyone who worked tirelessly in our NHS throughout the pandemic.

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