The Health and Care Act - What’s going on?

Hannah Dewhirst

We ran a parliamentary briefing to raise concerns from our community of doctors about the new Health and Care Act.

On the morning of Tuesday 24th May, we ran a briefing for MPs and staffers entitled ‘The Health and Care Act - What’s going on?’ And we’re very grateful to the more than 4,200 people that used our tool to contact their MP to invite them to join us. 

The Health and Care Act, which will roll out across the NHS in England in just 5 weeks time, will mark the biggest shake-up of our national health service in a decade. And yet; many people, politicians and NHS staff are still in the dark about the impact it will have.

Catch up on the briefing on our YouTube channel here.

The MPs and staffers who joined us on Tuesday heard an overview of the situation from our Chief Executive Dr Julia Patterson, followed by testimony about the total lack of clarity being heard on the frontlines from EveryDoctor member and Lincolnshire GP, Dr Stephen Savory. 

As this snap poll we presented to members of parliament reveals, many doctors in our community have been provided with no information about the impact or implementation plans for this new legislation in their local area. 

The lack of practical information surrounding the Health and Care Act is just one of many concerns from our community.

Here are just a few others that we highlighted in the briefing: 

We fought tooth and nail against this Bill but now it’s a reality, we must do all we can to ensure that NHS staff have the knowledge and support they need to implement it safely - and right now, sadly, that is far from the case. 

Alongside the recording which is publicly available, we’re also happy to share the accompanying briefing document with EveryDoctor members and supporters. If you’d like a copy, please get in touch with us at, or join us today here first, so we can keep up this fight together.

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