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Simon Odum
North Bristol NHS Trust Emergency Department

"As doctors, we need to be not only patient advocates, but advocates for ourselves and our colleagues."

Having qualified in 1989 I had a varied medical career, progressing via Neurosurgery to General Practice, and thence to Emergency Medicine over an 8 year period. I encountered fund-holding, alterations to GP and junior doctors contracts, and a divorce, and through it all I have been proud to be a member of the NHS.

I have been so lucky with my work colleagues throughout, and have spent the last 23 years at the same department, initially Frenchay, then Southmead, and now, through the amalgamation of the 2 in 1999, North Bristol NHS Trust Emergency Department (NBT ED). NBT ED is my medical family, and I couldn’t ask for a better place to work. All my Emergency Department colleagues from the cleaners, porters, receptionists and admin staff, nurses and doctors are fantastic and we work as a thoroughly cohesive team.

My biggest challenge in Medicine was swapping from GP to EM, and trying to balance my family life with my work life. Clearly I failed, but fortunately have a great relationship now with my kids.

What would I change about the NHS? If I could wave a magic wand, I would wish for equality throughout the organisation at all levels. Oh yes, and more funding!

Why did I join EveryDoctor? As I’ve got older and seen how the NHS has moved, I have become more aware of the need for action, and EveryDoctor is doing this. As doctors, we need to be not only patient advocates, but advocates for ourselves and our colleagues, and try to inform policy at the highest levels.

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