Frequently asked questions

What is EveryDoctor?

EveryDoctor is a non-profit campaigning organisation run by doctors, for doctors. EveryDoctor functions as a membership organisation. Our community of members support one another to build our political movement together.

Why is EveryDoctor necessary?

The medical profession is in a state of emergency. Working conditions are dire and UK doctors are burnt out. We’re excessively criticised in the media, let down by trade unions and stretched beyond capacity due to the consequences of £40bn in NHS austerity cuts by the Government since 2010.

Our patients aren’t safe and we’re not safe either. This incredibly stressful situation has caused many doctors to practice abroad or leave medicine altogether. As a result, UK doctors are under more pressure than ever before and until now we have lacked the resources to win the changes we need.

  1. We don’t have the staff or resources to take care of our patients safely.
  2. The devastating impact of public sector cuts end up at our doors, in our wards and on our waiting lists, and we’re shouldering the responsibility of keeping patients safe in a broken system.
  3. When resources are low, the likelihood of human errors occurring increases. If you’re doing the job of three doctors, the strain is enormous. With three times the number of patients, your time and ability to fully concentrate on the needs of each one diminishes.  We’re all humans and in situations like this we all make mistakes. But in medicine, those mistakes can cost lives.
  4. Doctors have had our pay cut 20% in real terms since 2008.
  5. Morale is at rock bottom and doctors are leaving the profession in droves.
  6. Doctors’ number one priority is the wellbeing of their patients. The current system places patients at risk. We need to change the system immediately to safeguard patients’ health and doctors’ wellbeing.

Our collective resilience is like an elastic band, and it's about to snap. We need to become strategic and do it fast.

When doctors come together and speak up, it can be very powerful. Together we’ve made an impact over the last few years with grassroots campaigning, but we’ve also hit up against barriers; the energy it takes to initiate each grassroots response is high and in a situation where doctors are already burnt out and low, we have no capacity to keep up the momentum and create sustainable change for UK doctors.

That’s why we’re starting EveryDoctor. Through our grassroots activism we know that when we're working full-time as doctors, our resources for grassroots campaigning are low (low time-availability, limited energy to devote to the cause, limited funds to pay campaigning expenses, limited expertise in campaigning). Just as we want doctors' expertise to be valued, we also need to value the expertise of groups who can help us to achieve our collective goals. That's why EveryDoctor has teamed up with The Small Axe, a non-profit campaigning organisation who run campaigns for School Cuts and ran the Progressive Alliance campaign before the 2017 General Election. By harnessing the ideas and energy of UK doctors, and coupling it with campaigning expertise, we'll build a movement to improve things for UK doctors and their patients.

I want to become an EveryDoctor member, how do I decide which membership level to choose?

We want to open up EveryDoctor membership to as many doctors and supporters as possible. Because of this, we've created three membership payment tiers, leaving it to each member to decide how much they want to contribute. Junior doctors earn significantly less than senior doctors, but with EveryDoctor we're all working towards a common goal. Those who contribute more are allowing other members to join the movement by paying less. Medical students are encouraged to join EveryDoctor, and can do so free of charge. Members of the public (who we refer to as "EveryDoctor allies") are welcomed as members too, and can choose their payment tier like any other member. The more members we have, the stronger our collective voice. In this way, the EveryDoctor community supports one another to build our movement to improve conditions for UK doctors and their patients.

Can I give a one-off donation to an EveryDoctor campaign?

Yes, thank you, this would be great! Because we are tackling issues of national importance we are aware that certain campaigns will resonate more strongly with different subgroups of our members. As such we provide the facility for you to target your support towards a campaign of specific personal interest. Donate here

I have a campaign idea- how do I suggest it as an EveryDoctor campaign?

We'd love to hear your idea! Any EveryDoctor member can submit campaign suggestions via the email address We will consider every submitted idea and will respond to every suggestion. If we feel it is a campaign we could take up, we will contact you to map out the campaign- its method and its goal. The EveryDoctor team holds regular Campaign Conference Calls during which we discuss all submitted campaign ideas and whether they fit the EveryDoctor vision. We then vote as a team to choose the next EveryDoctor campaign. Lots of campaign ideas are brilliant, and we may have several in the pipeline at any one time, just waiting for the right time to launch. Please get in touch.

How can I become more involved in EveryDoctor?

We want to involve as many people as we can in the EveryDoctor movement. When we start a campaign, we'll put out a call for people to become involved around the country. We seek to empower members to become decision-makers and leaders within each campaign, disseminating leadership and building a strong movement for us all. At other times if you'd like to chat to us about campaigns or anything else we'd always love to hear from you.

How does EveryDoctor listen to its members?

One of the reasons EveryDoctor exists is because UK doctors don't feel listened to by the bodies that represent them. We know that the traditional "vote for a representative" method isn't working - in some organisations the turnout is as low as 5% of the membership, and there is then very little interaction between a democratically elected representative and their constituents. We think things need to change. We've therefore been thinking long and hard about the best ways to listen to our members and to fight the campaigns that matter to UK doctors. We've been taking advice from internationally renowned experts in democracy and political campaigning, regarding how best to harness the views of EveryDoctor members. As a result, we're going to be trialling various ways of listening and acting on doctors' views.

  1. All EveryDoctor work will be focussed on achieving the EveryDoctor Vision. We will be accountable to the vision - it dictates the purpose of our work; any member is encouraged to contact us if we are departing unduly from it.

  2. A bi-monthly "sortition": We will be pioneering a sortition, which acts like a jury. Every other month, 5 EveryDoctor members will be chosen at random to join a sortition. The EveryDoctor team will present the work they have done so far, and their plans for the future. The sortition will feedback their views, in particular discussing whether we are acting in line with the EveryDoctor vision. The views of our sortition will be made public. The sortition will be able to ask us questions and we will answer the questions transparently. The sortition will rotate- with different groups of members having their say every other month.

  1. Any EveryDoctor member can submit campaign suggestions (please see above – I have a campaign idea – how do I suggest it as an EveryDoctor campaign).

  2. We will poll UK doctors online about their views in order to have our ear to the ground and keep focussed on the things that matter most to UK doctors. These polls will be run on The Political Mess (a facebook group for UK doctors and medical students with almost 25,000 members). If you're not a yet a member and would like to join, please let us know.

What is the difference between EveryDoctor and the facebook group 'The Political Mess' (TPM)?

The Political Mess is the largest facebook group for all UK doctors with almost 25,000 members. Some of the team who run EveryDoctor are also in the TPM team, but the teams function separately. TPM promotes work done by all healthcare activists and will promote EveryDoctor too. We'll also poll TPM members to better understand the priorities of UK doctors. We won't ever claim to represent the TPM membership in our EveryDoctor work, and there is no obligation for TPM members to become EveryDoctor members or vice versa.

How can I get in touch with the EveryDoctor team?

Send us an email at, we'd love to hear from you about any ideas or suggestions you may have.

I no longer want to be a member of EveryDoctor, how do I cancel my membership?

If you email us at, we can help you cancel your membership subscription.

Every doctor matters. Every voice counts.
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