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EveryDoctor is a doctor-led campaigning organisation that's fighting for a better, stronger NHS for all of us.

Whether it’s lifting up the trusted voices of doctors in the media or gathering 50,000 signatures to secure life-saving personal protective equipment for NHS workers, our team run campaigns to improve patient safety and create better working conditions for UK doctors and healthcare workers. 

We count on our members who make a monthly contribution to support our work together. That’s why we need as many of you as possible to join today.


Why your membership matters:

Help improve working conditions

You’re powering a high-profile campaign to #ProtectNHSworkers during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

Become a part of a movement that matters

You’re joining a family of other doctors from all across the UK who share, strategise and support each other.

Fight a broken medical system

We regularly collect case studies from members to expose systemic issues in the NHS.

Speak truth to power

Your concerns and issues are presented directly to decision-makers at MP briefings.

Which membership is right for you?

We currently have a membership of 1,300 UK doctors, and we also welcome members who aren’t doctors but believe in the work we do.

Everyone’s welcome and we can’t wait for you to come on-board.

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