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When you support EveryDoctor, you’re powering a movement of doctors and their supporters that makes change happen.

Your monthly donation funds campaigns to expose issues and improve the NHS for health workers and our patients.

We are your link to the NHS. Your monthly donation is used to build real, sustainable impact and make the EveryDoctor movement a force to be reckoned with. 

Not only are you helping us stay independent, as we don’t accept any government funding, you’re also powering:

MP briefings

We’ve run 20+ briefings with MPs to build cross-party political alliances about issues affecting our NHS. It’s also why we were nominated for the Sheila McKechnie Foundation award for the best coalition campaign in 2020.


Alongside the Good Law Project, we’re taking the government to court over its mismanagement of PPE. You’re supporting our Head of Legal to fight this case alongside her busy day job in the NHS, and give health workers 1-2-1 legal advice where there are workplace issues.

Print advertisements

We bring the voices of health workers directly to the press and politicians. EveryDoctor supporters funded a Guardian ad campaign for a National Covid-19 Trauma Recovery Plan that resulted in the UK Government injecting £500 million into mental health.


You’re helping health workers' testimonies cut through in a noisy media landscape. EveryDoctor was mentioned over 2,000 times in the UK media in 2020 alone.

Hard-Hitting Stunts

Our advocacy around our health service includes creative eye-catching actions, from projections on buildings to live-streamed press conferences, to keep the pressure on key decision makers.

When you support EveryDoctor, you’re powering a movement of health workers and their supporters that makes change happen.

Supporters are encouraged to contribute £5 or more per month. The average contribution is £10 per month. Every pound counts and helps us run rapid-response and long-term campaigns on issues that matter for the NHS.